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us globe image 电脑访问国外网站的方法
Instructors: Jamene Brooks-Kieffer, Elizabeth Everman, Matthew Deakyne
Helpers: Mark Holder, Boryana Koseva, Tami Albin, Greg Smith, Tom Hill, Casey Russell, Paul Trana, Riley Epperson, Lars Leon
Jul 24 - Aug 14, 2020
pc端如何上外网 globe image Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation
Instructors: Francis Gacenga, Adam Sparks, Paul Melloy
Aug 5 - Aug 6, 2020
us globe image UI/BSU/INL/CAES Summer Bootcamp Carpentries (online)
哪些方法可以浏览国外网站 Travis Seaborn, James Van Leuven, Breanna Sipley, Amanda Culley
怎样才能浏览国外网址 Kyle Shannon, Mike Henry, Clint Elg
Aug 10 - Aug 10, 2020
访问国外网站方法2022年 访问国外网站方法2022年
Instructors: Amanda Miotto
Aug 17 - Aug 19, 2020
电脑怎么访问国外外网 globe image USDA (online)
Instructors: Brook Moyers, Saranya Canchi, Eve Bohnett, Rachel Lombardi
Aug 18 - Aug 19, 2020
de 电脑怎么访问国外外网 Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Instructors: Tobias Huste, Fredo Erxleben
Aug 19 - Aug 20, 2020
au 哪些方法可以浏览国外网站 电脑怎么浏览国外网站:2021-6-13 · 用VPN.在我的百度空间有一款,你看看,个人一直在用,速度不错,有6个IP可选,建议先不买,免费用用先,好的再买.包年的话会比包月划算好多,电脑,手机IPHONE,上Facebook,推特等国外网站或者国外游戏服务器加速都可以了上.当然免费的也可以用到手机上的.呵呵
Instructors: Jason Bell, Kasia Koziara, Dag Evensberget
Aug 24 - Aug 25, 2020
us globe image United States Department of Agriculture (online)
Instructors: Tobin Magle, Rhondene Wint, Preethy Nair, Elnaz Amanzadeh Jajin
Aug 26 - Aug 27, 2020
de globe image Software Carpentry @ ZB MED and de.NBI ONLINE
Instructors: Konrad Förstner, Till Sauerwein, Rabea Müller
Aug 31 - Sep 1, 2020
怎样才能浏览国外网址 globe image Software Sustainability Institute (online)
Instructors: Antonia Mey
电脑访问国外网站加速软件 Aleksandra Nenadic
Nov 10 - Nov 11, 2020

** Workshops marked with asterisks are based on curriculum from The Carpentries lesson programs but may not follow our standard workshop format.

globe image Workshops with a globe icon are being held on line. The corresponding flag notes the country where the host organization is based.

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In addition of the posts below, find out what's happening in our community through The Carpentries blog, a great resource that collates posts from Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry, and Software Carpentry, and publishes updates of general interest to the community.

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  • 电脑如何连接外国网站


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